Lody Kong


Lody Kong embodies the raw, primitive and altogether unwound/unbound spirit of classic punk, thrash, hardcore and hard rock, all delivered by a group of boundary-pushing musical maniacs who are light years ahead of dudes far past their collective age.

It’s the type of kinetic energy that drove the earliest strains of hard rock and seminal punk rock. It’s the urgency of adolescence, free from commercial constraints. It all makes sense, too, that even while still in their teens, Lody Kong kicks ass.

That’s because they have rock n’ roll encoded in their DNA.

The Arizona band represents a sonic collision between the electric energy of vintage bad brains, the thrashing riffage of early Metallica, the trippy atmospherics of Deftones and the jagged songsmanship of the trailblazing Nirvana, all with their own unique twist and forceful identity. Vibrant subcultures, from the street punk born in the alleyway to the heavier end of grunge birthed in the Pacific Northwest, have a home within Lody Kong’s brand of musical bombast.

It is the youthful expression of a group of guys who’ve banded together for the love of sheer, unbridled artistic expression who are a unit benefitting from the seasoned veterans they’re able to call upon in their daily lives for mentorship and road dog experience.

Vocalist/guitarist Igor Cavalera grew up listening to everything from Zeppelin to Sabbath to even the Pixies. The band he formed with his brother, drummer Zyon Cavalera, reflects their shared diversity of influence, experience and inspiration in captivating, energetic and ball- busting loud rock fashion. After playing around in different bands (both brothers can play drums), the pair formed Lody with bass player Shea Fahey, aka “Shanks,” and later, guitarist John Bauer.

The mission: to challenge the phoniness, fakery and pretension of much of the modern scene with back to basics, in-your-face music.

The Cavalera name stands for many things in heavy music, including perseverance, overcoming adversity, musical ferocity, experimentation, diversity and genre-defining artistic shifts. That’s the reputation hard-won by the iconic metal madman known as Max Cavalera, founder of Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Sepultura. Igor and Zyon are two of the sons of Max and his legendary wife/manager, Gloria. Yes, half of Lody Kong calls Incite frontman Richie Cavalera “brother,” Iggor Cavalera “uncle,” and Gloria and Max Cavalera “mom and dad.”

Having grown-up traveling the world, the Cavaleras of Lody Kong have learned first hand about artistic strength and vision, as well as how to resist ridiculous trends. “We were brought on the road before we were even sensible. We’ve been on the road as long as we can remember,” Zyon explains. “We saw a lot of things backstage and acquired a lot of knowledge most kids in bands our age don’t have access to. It is definitely an advantage. It puts us one step ahead.”

And as for the awesome band name they chose? “Our friend Kody Long is a really crazy character,” explains Zyon. Kody has acted as unofficial muse for the band, thanks to his crazy, funny, goofball personality and vibe. When Zyon came up with “Lody Kong” while joking around, it stuck instantly.

The same way their pal pushes the boundaries in social settings, the band looks to expand the envelope musically, as well. “I want to blow people’s minds. Not because of what expert musicians we are, but because you can see the blood, sweat and tears when we’re doing what we do.”

Lyrically, Lody Kong assails many of the problems in modern society, often with a rowdy and sarcastic point of view. The decline of Western Civilization is detailed in their music, with Igor’s intense vocals often acting as narrator. The song “Crazy Joe” was inspired by a homeless guy Igor met in Phoenix. “People try to get on the radio by singing about something nice and happy. But shit’s not perfect in the world. There is a lot of stuff that isn’t right. You just have to put that out there, to show that other side, you know what I’m saying?”

Ultimately the band will tackle different issues in a way that strives toward a positive outcome. “Even our friend Kody Long. He’s got a lot of problems, he’s not a perfect guy, but he’s got a great heart! So even with the band name, we are looking for the positive angle of a situation.”

There are enough bands hopping onto scene trends, auto-tuning their choruses until they sound like machines, practicing their stage moves in the mirror and trying to cash-in on “the next big thing.” Lody Kong is doing this for the love of it. And in so doing, they ware working their way up the ladder of the underground in order to add something they strongly feel missing in too much of the modern music community: the true passion, authenticity and workmanship of old. They look to the spirit of classic bands. Simply put: Lody Kong is legit.


No Rules CD


  1. Monkeys Always Look
  2. Disconnected
  3. The Optimist
  4. Earth Is Yellow